Birthday Parties in Ringgold Park:

We love the idea of friends and neighbors hosting small birthday parties in the park. We just ask that you email to let us know in advance. We also ask that you take your own trash out (please don’t fill the bins in the park) and leave the park as clean or cleaner than you  found it.  The City of Boston Parks Department, owner of Ringgold Park, has had severe budget shortages, and currently the only maintenance they can routinely perform involves trash removal, the turning on and off of the water supply, as well as emergency repairs to the park elements.  All other maintenance is paid for by the Friends of Ringgold Park, and performed by our contracted landscape company and by volunteers.  We spend over 8k a year on maintenance. Therefore, we ask that if you have a party in the park to please consider giving a small donation if you can. You can do so here:

Thank you and enjoy the party!